The Dragon and the Owl: or, why cable companies should not have monopolies `

First let me start off by complaining about Time Warner Cable and my upload speed: It’s 11:25pm on a Wednesday night and I’ve been trying to upload a file now for 52 minutes. Granted, it is a huge file, but people, my upload speed is LOW. Like they’re trying to trying to win a limbo contest low.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.12.58 PM

How low is it? It’s so low, that it’s now 11:31 because it took that long to upload a small screenshot.

So while I’m sitting here waiting for my huge file to upload (which by the way is a fantastic project, I just can’t talk about it until October-ish when it goes public) – I thought I’d post an old drawing on this blog that I neglect. So here is…. The Dragon and the Owl.

Dragon Owl

The Dragon and The Owl

My internet speed is so low, it’s now 11:44 and it took that long to upload a small jpeg. Has my huge file uploaded yet? No, no it has not. But in the mean time, please enjoy the sketch.


I’ve been busy. Again. Super busy. But came across this old image I created for a science publication while I was trying to make space on my WD passport. It was a fun drawing to create and wasn’t sure if I’d posted it before. So it’s up on my website for now. for more illustrations and stuff!amec

Graphic De-whaaa?

I do graphic design. My mfa was in Illustration, but I do graphic design and animation too. For a long time I’ve said “Oh yeah, I really should put my graphic design stuff up on my website”, or “Ohhh- I’d have to email you a pdf of all my work…” but NO MORE! I’ve finally just gone ahead and posted it. I only have a few things up there now, but it’s a start. Now that I’ve reconfigured my site it will be easier to post stuff as I dig it up.

But where did the Character Design section go?? Well, it will go under doodles.. or maybe illustration.. I still need to re-edit some things…

graphic design

new graphic design section

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 10.26.34 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 10.26.43 PM

So to view these, and more (as soon as I get to posting more) – click HERE! or go to

Piper and Pickle SMILE

Just released today, a children’s book written by Dallas veterinarian Brittney Barton and illustrated by Susan Young, SMILE is available for purchase online. Veterinarian Dr. Brittney Barton Dvm, has just published her first children’s book emphasizing the importance of teaching young children about the human/animal bond.You can buy it  HERE.