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Brotherly Love _ EWww!

I’ve just built my brother his very own website and hooked him up with a wordpress blog. He still needs to upload more images, but I’ve created an easy way for him to do this using Webassist‘s Power Gallery! (Though we got it when it was on sale. From time to time it goes on sale for 50% off.) My brother’s site (drumroll and horns):

You may be saying, “Whoa, that looks an awful lot like your site, structurally speaking” and you’d be a keen observer. I’m not a website-building-guru, and he didn’t actually give me any sort of insight into what he wanted. I knew he wanted his Chinese name in there, so I asianed the site up a bit. It may change once he tells me how he really wanted it to be completely different and all the time I put into it is a waste. Sort of like hanging the Christmas lights. Each year we say, “Jonny, you’re so picky about the lights, why don’t you just hang them this year”? And he says, “No no, you guys hang them”. And so we do. We take our time, hang it all up, start to put the ornaments on even. And when we’re almost finished he wanders into the room and says, “WHAT?? You did it like THAT???” takes everything off and restrings it himself. So once he figures out dreamweaver I’m sure he’ll restring it, but his current official take on his site is, “I guess that’ll do for now”.

I’ve also hooked him up with a blog. He’s leaving for Kenya in the morning, so hopefully he’ll figure it out by then and post updates and photos with his new and trusty wordpress iphone app. And here is his blog:

And here is the photo for this post- a book cover he and I did together a few years back.


For my brother’s bio information, click here and scroll down. The one for his site is “coming soon”.

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2 responses to “Brotherly Love _ EWww!

  1. PAB ⋅

    So, wait, he has to write two blogs? And he doesn’t have time to finish his medical illustrations??

    • No, he doesn’t have to write any blogs really, but he wanted to write one. What he should do is post more images (that he’s already drawn) to his website galleries. But with webassist it’s easier than posting to Facebook. And with the iPhone app for wordpress, it’s easier than sending an email to everyone he knows telling them ‘hey, I just landed in Kenya’. So hopefully, in the long run, this will lessen his time spent.

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