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POW! Right in the kisser.

Recently someone told me I am an angry person. I don’t believe this to be true. I think that sometimes anger is justified and it’s ok to get angry- nay, in some circumstances, you SHOULD get angry. Are we doormats? passionless drones?? IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN THE WORLD???

Besides, I only draw punches in the face, I don’t actually throw them.

So here is my latest piece in stages. And yes, I plan on finishing up the other, more involved boxer piece. It’s on the resolution list.

First, the pencil sketch

Next I do blankets of basic color on the face.

Then I add some other blanket colors… the shirt…

… the gloves…

I start to detail, adding highlights and shadows, warm tones and cool tones.

Detailing the highlights of his necklace, because a guy who deserves a good solid punch in the face wears a silver necklace. Plus it helps to show motion.

And then a few finishing touches and it’s done.

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