Roller Derby ~

I was asked to create an image for a roller derby player. She’s a gun-slinging, roller derby playing mother of three. You know, your typical south Louisiana girl. Did I leave out zombie fighting? She will be fighting some zombies too. At any rate, I rather like the initial sketch, and it makes me think I should hit the gym a bit more. Here it is:

I’m generally not a guns person, “No weapons at preschool”. So in order to get this character down, I drew while playing ‘Red Dawn’ in the background. I hadn’t seen ‘Red Dawn’ in ages. I remember loving it- “Wolverines!”- but has anyone seen it in a while? It’s pretty messed up. It’s full vengeance and fear . Have I changed? Has society? Was the mindset of America that crazy during the cold war? The kids were told to stifle their grief and turn it into anger. So messed up. But ‘Red Dawn’ and stills from Tomb Raider helped me make this roller derby girl.


Avatars for hire~

One of the quicker jobs I was hired to do- to create a vector portrait for use as an avatar in social networking sites. This is a good warm up for the course I teach in the Fall in Illustrator.

Cool, right?

But this is what the client actually ended up wanting:

Imagine a Child

Imagine a Child

Whoa! Another animation! I was really excited to be a part of this animation. I got to develop the character and do all the cell images for the animation. Daniel Perez, animator extraordinaire, put it all together and directed and animated it. Megan Lardner was the producer. Click on the title above to view the video!


Last Fall I had the great opportunity to work on an animation for 2 Revolutions. I worked with animator/art director Daniel Perez, and under the direction of Ryan Senser, we created a great little informational animation. Each frame of each character’s movement was created in Illustrator and then synched up using (Daniel using) AfterEffects. Special thanks to those of you I roped into letting me tape your motions so I had a video reference to base these little guys on. It was good fun. Enjoy!

Black Bear Rampage

I was hired recently by the nice guys who own Soctt’s Bikes in Tennessee, to create an image for a racing event they hold. I was asked to create an image of a leprechaun riding on the back of a black bear. Far, far away in the city lights of NYC, this made no sense to me at first. However, the company mascot is a leprechaun and they are racing through the woods, which in Tennessee is full of black bears. The racing event is called ‘Black Bear Rampage’, so it all makes complete sense now.

The fist difficulty I ran into was how to make this black bear look aggressive. I did my research and found images and videos of black bears before starting on the drawing. And what I found was that black bears are super cute. Their cuteness levels are up there with baby seals and the little abandoned dog at the end of that subaru commercial (watch it here!) But I imagine that if asked, I could probably draw an ‘attack’ baby seal too. So, I did some preliminary pencil sketches, piecing together the leprechaun and bear and swirls in photoshop and then dropped it all into illustrator and started the finishing process. So here is a slide show with some of the stages:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At any rate, at this point it is in it’s final stages (I’m pretty sure) and am only debating about the color of the background swirls. Personally I prefer the brown one, but perhaps the red is more race-y and agressive?


Whoa! First blog post EV-ah. Considering how non-verbal I am, this is quite the endeavor. And really, I’m sure people have better things to do than to read my ramblings. Instead, let me post some photos to entertain you, with a brief explanation.

Last week on LinkedIn, I accidentally friend-requested everyone I have ever emailed. Ever. Emailed. This had some varied repercussions. On the downside, I had inadvertently requested professional contact with people that I had long ago deleted from facebook, bought things from on craigslist, ex-boyfriends I swore I’d never speak to again, and people I generally just really didn’t want to request as a business contact. On the upside, I heard from some great clients that I hadn’t contacted in years. One of them, after receiving my email via LinkedIn, remembered that he had promised to mail me one of the toys he made. He had hired me several years ago to make illustrations for use on the packaging of these dinosaur toys. The large multi-paneled packaging ended up a small hang tag, but it’s nice anyway.

Prehistoric Puppets

This tag is never coming off

hang tagI’m actually pretty pleased with how my illustration was used in this instance. For a few other examples of the original artwork sold to puppetoys, go to and click on illustrations, or just click HERE! This particular character was loosely based on my nephew, Steven Young.

dino girlMy niece Eva: “COOOooool!!”