I’ve been busy. Again. Super busy. But came across this old image I created for a science publication while I was trying to make space on my WD passport. It was a fun drawing to create and wasn’t sure if I’d posted it before. So it’s up on my website for now. for more illustrations and stuff!amec

Piper and Pickle SMILE

Just released today, a children’s book written by Dallas veterinarian Brittney Barton and illustrated by Susan Young, SMILE is available for purchase online. Veterinarian Dr. Brittney Barton Dvm, has just published her first children’s book emphasizing the importance of teaching young children about the human/animal bond.You can buy it  HERE.


POW! Right in the kisser.

Recently someone told me I am an angry person. I don’t believe this to be true. I think that sometimes anger is justified and it’s ok to get angry- nay, in some circumstances, you SHOULD get angry. Are we doormats? passionless drones?? IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN THE WORLD???

Besides, I only draw punches in the face, I don’t actually throw them.

So here is my latest piece in stages. And yes, I plan on finishing up the other, more involved boxer piece. It’s on the resolution list.

First, the pencil sketch

Next I do blankets of basic color on the face.

Then I add some other blanket colors… the shirt…

… the gloves…

I start to detail, adding highlights and shadows, warm tones and cool tones.

Detailing the highlights of his necklace, because a guy who deserves a good solid punch in the face wears a silver necklace. Plus it helps to show motion.

And then a few finishing touches and it’s done.

The Process

I’ve finally gotten a client who didn’t have a non-disclosure agreement. However, I think his story is great and very sellable, so I won’t talk about it publicly. I will however talk about my process.

So first, I was mistaken about the target age group and presented him with this rough sketch:

Penelope Rough Draft

The Client let me know that it was WAY too young. I had missed the mark. He was great about giving me a better description of what he envisioned, and so I produced this rough which he was pleased with:

Penelope Rough Draft 2.5

As you can see the characters are for a much older audience. I also cleaned up the text using Illustrator. I didn’t want a freehand look to the words, but more of a blockish poster look. From here I took it to color. I generally work dark to light, dropping in the overall shadow color and texture first.

Penelope in Progress

I put in the base colors first, and then layer, layer, layer. And then I add more layers. Once I get it to a point that I like and feel ok committing to, I’ll consolidate my layers so that my file isn’t ginormous, but all the initial layering of thin opacities help create a more painterly feel.

Penelope in Progress 2

At this point it’s starting to take shape, but it’s in it’s midway stage. And here, is the final, which hopefully the client will be pleased with:



Whoa! First blog post EV-ah. Considering how non-verbal I am, this is quite the endeavor. And really, I’m sure people have better things to do than to read my ramblings. Instead, let me post some photos to entertain you, with a brief explanation.

Last week on LinkedIn, I accidentally friend-requested everyone I have ever emailed. Ever. Emailed. This had some varied repercussions. On the downside, I had inadvertently requested professional contact with people that I had long ago deleted from facebook, bought things from on craigslist, ex-boyfriends I swore I’d never speak to again, and people I generally just really didn’t want to request as a business contact. On the upside, I heard from some great clients that I hadn’t contacted in years. One of them, after receiving my email via LinkedIn, remembered that he had promised to mail me one of the toys he made. He had hired me several years ago to make illustrations for use on the packaging of these dinosaur toys. The large multi-paneled packaging ended up a small hang tag, but it’s nice anyway.

Prehistoric Puppets

This tag is never coming off

hang tagI’m actually pretty pleased with how my illustration was used in this instance. For a few other examples of the original artwork sold to puppetoys, go to and click on illustrations, or just click HERE! This particular character was loosely based on my nephew, Steven Young.

dino girlMy niece Eva: “COOOooool!!”