Very proud of my students who were part of designing the christmas window display for Crocs this year. The international flagship store of Crocs is located on 34th street across from Macy’s in New York City, and this year a talented few artists from Pratt Institute and Parsons were selected to design their display. My students that were chosen were Yueh-tze “Victoria” Lee, and Dean Violante. Their work is below:







To view more of Yueh-tze’s work, please click here ylee

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Proud Mama

So this past fall semester I had the honor of teaching only two students for two different classes. What what what??? That’s right, it was a wee wee class- and while they missed out on getting critiques from a large group, they performed extremely well and I believe benefited overall from the smaller class experience. After all, there is no hiding in class when there’s only you and one other person. They did exceptionally well! And now that I am preparing for the spring semester, it reminded me to show off some of their work here. These pieces are done by Ru-Mei Hsieh (1st 6) and Babs Webb (last 6) in Pratt Institute’s AOS department, in my Illustration III and Digital Illustration II courses. Such great girls, such talented artists!


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