My Amazing Students

I have to say, I am very lucky this year. I teach at Pratt Institute and this semester I have such an amazing group of talented, creative and hard-working students. I was floored today at the work of my Drawing II class. We just finished up a unit on Pastel Portraiture and they all did an amazing job. Here are three of the top students. The first, of the child in the snow, is by Napasawan “Nan” Sirisukont. The next of the model is by Seungeun Lee and the last, of the lady in a hat, is by Jonathan Lai. Keep an eye out for these budding artists!

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Calling all Mobsters! =

Thanks to Robbie Martin + friend and Roy Graff + friends for submitting angry mob photos! There’s still time to be part of the mob! Just grab a camera or grab your friends and a camera, and get your frustration out! Hard to make ends meet? Relationships going awry? Take it out on camera! And then email the photos to me.

You may not end up looking exactly like you- and you most likely won’t be wearing the same clothes, but your soul will be in it, and how fun is that?

Here’s a sample of some mobsters so far…


And they (and you!) will be inserted into this final image:


the boxer


Feel free to improvise with actions and body positions. Thanks for your participation!


I’ve just finished a major illustration project and I actually have no pictures to post- or wait- maybe I can post just one.

Here it is:


This is one of several illustrations for a Jazz Christmas CD coming out around Christmas-time 2011. IT’S JUST AROUND THE CORNER!! While I cannot show the image I just finished- or the rest of the images until the release, they are mighty pretty. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. Heavily illustrated CD. Mighty pretty. Finally finished. More info in 3 months.