Character Design!

I’ve been shifting some things around on my site, and am now featuring my character design work. I’ll be updating it in the weeks to come, but here’s a start. Check it out!

Here’s a sample…


and another sample…


Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 6.31.08 PM


Piper and Pickle SMILE

Just released today, a children’s book written by Dallas veterinarian Brittney Barton and illustrated by Susan Young, SMILE is available for purchase online. Veterinarian Dr. Brittney Barton Dvm, has just published her first children’s book emphasizing the importance of teaching young children about the human/animal bond.You can buy it  HERE.


Cleaning House (adding animation)

I’ve just revised my website- I tweaked the bio, deleted the ‘news’ section (as this blog has replaced that), added SHARE buttons and created an animation section. I’d put it off, as revising my website (in my head) is laborious, time consuming, and generally overwhelming. But much like cleaning my house, once I’d done it, I realized how quick and easy it was, and wondered why I’d lived in squalor for so long.

Take a look! click here!

For Baton Rouge High, we raise our cry…

“… for the school we all adore ….”

So I hear that most people didn’t have a grand time in high school. Most people didn’t like their classmates from high school. Most people don’t say, “wow, I can’t wait to go to my high school reunion and see my old school!” But those people didn’t go to Baton Rouge High.

It was the magnet school for arty kids. No football team, no cheerleaders, but we had a great jazz band, radio station and musical theater- also a great debate team, mu alpha theta, beta club and chess team. For electives you could take Logic, Philosophy, or Yoga- and this was before yoga was hip. Just think, an entire school with nothing but kind of nerdy arty kids- it was great!

So this year they finished renovations on our dear old school and they added a TON. It is gorgeous. It is state of the art. They’ve added a tv station as well as upgrading their radio station. They have black box theater room(s) and practice rooms and a recording studio and an out door amphitheater. It was $58million and it shows. I actually have mixed feelings about this as it was the taxpayer’s $58 million and there is some dire need for charity hospital. But it’s done now, and so I will celebrate the gorgeousness of the school.

But I digress. This past weekend they had a grand opening and fund raising gala. They had asked artists to donate their time and talent by painting fiberglass bulldogs (mascot) to be auctioned off at the gala and so I volunteered. I made my bulldog jazz band themed as I played jazz in high school and it had a huge impact on me- I even ended up with a BA in music! I adored our band directors as they were invested in teaching us not only about music, but about life. They were tremendous people.

So for my jazz band bulldog, I painted instruments from various angles wrapping around the bulldog and then down one leg I painted the three BRHS band directors: Lee Fortier, John Gerbrecht, and Bobby Campo. Here are photos:

It’s all done in acrylic and took a lot longer than I originally anticipated it would. But it was fun and good to paint with real paint – I do so much digital these days!

This past weekend I flew down to Louisiana and toured the school and went to the gala (and my 20 year high school reunion!). At the gala I found two things:

1. My bulldog! On display and ready to be live-auctioned off!


and 2: Mr. Gerbrecht in the flesh!

He is such a great person. And I am SO glad that his family won the auction! I couldn’t be happier knowing it’s going to such a wonderful family and that it will mean a great deal to them personally. Yay for dear old Baton Rouge High!


Sarah R. Lotfi

Sarah is my niece. And she’s wildly talented. She’s had a passion for film her entire life. I showed her the insides of a camera when she was a toddler and her face dropped open, she gasped and said ‘whoaaaaa….’ as her little legs kicked in the air. I’m sure that’s what made her a brilliant filmmaker… right??

My niece has always loved costuming and history as well, so it’s no wonder she makes amazing period pieces now. She also has had to deal with a great deal. Her two younger siblings both have downs syndrome. Both. In this, her latest film, one of her leads has downs, and there’s lots of pyrotechnics as it’s a WWII movie, and I believe it’s in German as well. She’s impressive, my baby niece. But she’s not a baby any more! She’s 3! I mean, 23! She’s madly talented and a real go-getter. She’s often interviewed in the paper, she was a finalist in the Student Academy Awards for a previous film, she worked an internship for HBO, she somehow got donations to this film to be tax deductible, and is all round impressive. Would you like to see baby pictures? I’m her aunt, I can show you baby pictures.

From the film website

“Menschen is an Austrian / USA co-production, from Belvedere Film, Slack Productions and Schuetzle Company. Sarah R. Lotfi first began developing the concepts for Menschen while she was in production on the award-winning WWII short The Last Bogatyr. Under the guidience of Robert von Dassanowsky, Menschen is a meticulously researched story that deals with the consequences of the Nazi’s T-4 euthanasia program and the value of life.”

At any rate, here is the trailer to her new film.

<p><a href=”″>MENSCHEN Trailer – Bande-Annonce</a> from <a href=”″>Anastasia Cummings</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Roller Derby ~

I was asked to create an image for a roller derby player. She’s a gun-slinging, roller derby playing mother of three. You know, your typical south Louisiana girl. Did I leave out zombie fighting? She will be fighting some zombies too. At any rate, I rather like the initial sketch, and it makes me think I should hit the gym a bit more. Here it is:

I’m generally not a guns person, “No weapons at preschool”. So in order to get this character down, I drew while playing ‘Red Dawn’ in the background. I hadn’t seen ‘Red Dawn’ in ages. I remember loving it- “Wolverines!”- but has anyone seen it in a while? It’s pretty messed up. It’s full vengeance and fear . Have I changed? Has society? Was the mindset of America that crazy during the cold war? The kids were told to stifle their grief and turn it into anger. So messed up. But ‘Red Dawn’ and stills from Tomb Raider helped me make this roller derby girl.


Tortuga Tattoo

A returning client asked me to create an image for her tattoo. She is great- she knew just what she was looking for and was able to communicate it and had examples of similar images. She wanted a tribal-esque land turtle, and wanted to see a variety of color combinations to help her decide.

I started with a basic pencil sketch:

turtle pencil sketch and then traced my own drawing, creating a more graphic interpretation:

graphic land turtleLastly I imported it into Illustrator and traced it out, making edits along the way to make it cleaner. Once it was a vector image it was pretty easy to mock up a few different color combinations.

turtle finalsShe loved it and will get it done in a few weeks! So looking forward to seeing it!