Wonder Twin Powers… ACTIVATE!

Form of… A Medical Illustrator!

Ok, so we aren’t actually twins, but we did like the cartoon when we were kids. My brother Jon is actually a lot older than me. A WHOOOOOLLLLE lot older. Hear that Jonny?? And he was the one who taught me to draw, shouting things out while I sketched like, “You’re holding your pencil too tight!”, “Where’s your light source???” and “That’s not anatomically correct!!!”. I was four.

And while we swear we will never try to be roommates again, we actually work pretty well together. His masters was in Medical Illustration, but then he went on to get the MD, and now he’s too busy MDing to medically illustrate, or at least to take his sketches to final. Now I’m the one shouting, “HEY! Make some sketches already!” and “I don’t care if you’ve been on call for the past 48 hours! Draw! DRAAAAAAWWW!!” Payback.

So here’s one of the medical illustrations we’ve recently collaborated on. It’s kinda gross. But that’s medical illustration for you: kinda gross.

For more kinda gross images like this, click HERE!

tongue tumor excision



Whoa! First blog post EV-ah. Considering how non-verbal I am, this is quite the endeavor. And really, I’m sure people have better things to do than to read my ramblings. Instead, let me post some photos to entertain you, with a brief explanation.

Last week on LinkedIn, I accidentally friend-requested everyone I have ever emailed. Ever. Emailed. This had some varied repercussions. On the downside, I had inadvertently requested professional contact with people that I had long ago deleted from facebook, bought things from on craigslist, ex-boyfriends I swore I’d never speak to again, and people I generally just really didn’t want to request as a business contact. On the upside, I heard from some great clients that I hadn’t contacted in years. One of them, after receiving my email via LinkedIn, remembered that he had promised to mail me one of the toys he made. He had hired me several years ago to make illustrations for use on the packaging of these dinosaur toys. The large multi-paneled packaging ended up a small hang tag, but it’s nice anyway.

Prehistoric Puppets

This tag is never coming off

hang tagI’m actually pretty pleased with how my illustration was used in this instance. For a few other examples of the original artwork sold to puppetoys, go to www.susangyoung.com and click on illustrations, or just click HERE! This particular character was loosely based on my nephew, Steven Young.

dino girlMy niece Eva: “COOOooool!!”